A Giveaway for Y’all!

In the little corner of Southampton County, Virginia that I live in Hubs Peanuts are known as the best.

I love this company and am proud to even have worked for them a few years during their busy Holiday Season.


My great friends at Hubs want to say thanks for supporting a friend of theirs, so they are offering the winner of my contest a box of 20 bags of Hubbies.  If you have never had Hubs Peanuts you are in for a treat, and if you have, you will want to enter everyday!

So enter to win here!  

Easy, Ugly Biscuits

Breakfast for dinner is always a big hit at my house.  We don’t have to work to get the three year old to eat, which makes dinner much more fun, and it is super easy.

Tonight, rather than break out the can of Grands (which there ain’t a thing wrong with using), I broke out an old standby:

Drop Biscuits.


Not only are they super good, they are supposed to be ugly! That way you don’t have to get bummed out if they don’t look like some random picture online.

Click on Page Two below to check out my recipe.