The Very Worst Day of the Year…

My story is appearing today on Mamalode… I will do my best to update this page with the link today, but frankly, today just really really sucks for me.

I did have two pictures I wanted to share with you.

First is a picture of a gift from the Firefighter I delivered water with around Ground Zero. (I seriously would love to talk to him.  Are you him? Do you know him? If so email me at

He said that this Beanie Baby that he said his daughter had given him.  He told me to hold on to it and to remember him always.  Trust me, I will NEVER FORGET.



Next is a picture of a Rosary that was given to me by a Chaplin at Ground Zero.  I am not Catholic, but I have a deep and abiding faith.  There is power in it.



I have so much more I want to say, but right now I just can’t.  Never Forget those who died.  Never Never Never Forget.



Ground Zero and Me

Days after 9/11 I traveled to New York to work with the Red Cross and ended up volunteering at Ground Zero.

I can honestly say I was never the same after being there.

On September 11th Mamalode will be featuring my story, but here in the coming days I am going to post some lead up to it.

I often have trouble putting my experiences into words during this worst time of the year.

I want to begin with sharing something that I have kept to myself all these years.

These two rocks were wedged into my shoes when I got home from Ground Zero that day.  I have held tightly to them ever since.  Other than my family, they are the first thing I would save in a fire.