Even The Meconium is Awesome




Three kids later, I look at my face in this picture and I can still feel the wonder of that moment.  Asher had just been born, Mecalah was holding this icky looking little boy, and the emotion that washed over me could never be put into words.  Usually moments that change your life are only obvious in retrospect, but at that instant I knew everything had shifted. I felt a joy that is the closest I have ever gotten to heaven on this earth but walking hand in hand with that joy was the more intense fear I have ever had.

Suddenly I was confronted by the fact that I was not the most important person in my life. I know that should have been obvious, but despite how unselfish you think you are, seeing this tiny human that you have complete responsibility for shows you how often you make decisions based on your own happiness and not someone elses.

And it is fair to be curious about how the human mind could possibly think all of these thoughts and change all these changes in the blink of an eye and the truth is that I have NO IDEA! But it happens.  And I’m not saying that this is how it worked for everyone but this is how it worked for me.  Nothing else in the world mattered in this moment.  My wife was safe.  My baby boy was born. Life was amazing!

And the most shocking things bring you total bliss.  For example, the first time your kid poops it is a super gross greenish black sticky as tar poop called meconium. You can hardly get their little butt clean, but as you put on a new Pamper you are so full of pride.  On one hand I wanted to vomit, sure, but mostly I was just like “Look at my boy! He can poop! This must be the most impressive poop in the history of poops! I am so proud! He is an achiever!”

That sounds ridiculous, but I feel confident I am not the only parent to ever feel that way!

When a man becomes a Father something changes.  The birth of your kid is the day you are reborn as a Daddy.  Your vision is expanded and your purpose in life changes.


That video is so amazing, because Pampers manages to sum up so well what it can look like to be a Daddy. And, yes, we should shout HAPPY FATHER’S DAY from the roof tops, but during your celebration, take a moment to look at the little one(s) that made it all possible and tell them #ThanksBaby.

Thank you for changing my life.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for letting me be your Dad.

Join me in Tweeting why you are most thankful for your kids using the hashtag #ThanksBaby.

While you are at it, send @Pampers a big thank you for all of the ways they are supporting Dads of all kinds!


Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Pampers for this promotion.


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