Memories that burn

We have a new Apple TV since we “cut the cord” and my favorite feature on it is the screen saver. I listen to music and just let it run all day.

We are slowly loading photos from the past on it (I think we have almost 600 on it and we aren’t even to the birth of the third kid haha) but to watch those pictures cycle through is so beautiful and a little painful.

It is amazing how fast our kids grow and how much they change so quickly. Choosing pictures from our files has brought tears to my eyes more than once.

I am revisiting times that were painful despite our smiles and noticing times that were so happy we forgot to take pictures.

In these photos my Grandma is still alive. 

We live other places. We have other friends. Our big kids are babies.

Maybe this has you wondering why I like this slideshow so much. It is because I can’t watch it without being confronted with how dang awesome and blessed my life is. I can’t watch it without admitting the good always outweighs the bad.

Life is painful. And lovely. Amazing. And hard. But so very worth it.


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