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Lately my family has been in the midst of a revival. 

It is a beautiful time that I really feel is a time of reward from God for walking faithfully with Him while times were tough.

I feel that it is time for this site to reflect those personal changes and the man of Faith that I am.

In the past I haven’t been very outspoken about my relationship with Christ because I didn’t want to deal with the judgement and the criticm that comes with it.

However, today I was directly told by a Brand and a PR company that they were not interested in working with me because my faith was offensive. They didn’t like that scripture appears on my Facebook and Instagram. They openly said they don’t wont to work with someone who follows Jesus Christ.

That is fine with me. If they are so against God then I would prefer not to work with them. I can’t help but wonder, though, if they would have been so open about their reasons of rejecting me if it was because of my gender, skin tone, or orientation.

I am not sad it happened though. Their treatment of me actually has spurred on a complete refocusing of my website.

In the next few weeks I will begin a weekly Bible study posting. I will become more transparent about my prayer life. 

It is an exciting time, in my opinion, and I hope you will stick around for the next incarnation of The Purposeful Pappy.

~ Michael

I really hope you will hop over to so you will be notified when to join me again after the reboot!


A little mascara doesn’t hurt…

When I was a kid my parents bought me a Cabbage Patch Doll.  He had a super chubby face and he was wearing camouflage clothes. It may sound like a small memory, but he is actually pretty infamous in my house and, of course, I am going to tell you why.

One day I was playing with him and it seemed to me that he had a little problem. His clothes kept him hidden from the enemy but there was nothing to help him hide his face from them as he snuck through the make believe jungle in my mind. So in order for him to be better hidden, I went into my parent’s bathroom and got my mom’s mascara. I used it to camouflage his face. Basically I was saving his life. Or ruining his face. It all depended on your perspective haha.

Long story short, my Mom did not see my little makeup job as something that my little stuffed buddy needed.  She was ticked.  That day my doll went to live in the top of a closet where he remained until I  rediscovered him when I went to move out to go to college!

If I had been a girl, it probably wouldn’t have seemed like I was defacing my toy. I would have just been making her pretty or more presentable for her Prince.

I tell this story not to laugh at my Mom, but to talk about how boys and dolls have always gotten a bad wrap.  Dolls weren’t traditionally seen as something that boys played with, but as time has moved on, we see how important it is to teach our boys to be nurturers.

When Mecalah was pregnant with Harper, one thing we did to prepare Asher for the new baby was to get him a doll.  We worked on him being gentle and how to hold a baby.

a doll

But one thing that I feel like Asher is lacking in the toy department is some kind of doll that he can connect with as a little boy. Something more rough and tumble that can make it through being dragged outside and into his tree fort and through the general carnage that his toys seem to go through.

A few months ago I came across an Instagram for a company called Boy Story that seemed to have something that could do just that.


(Here is where I need to let you know that I am NOT contracted with them or being compensated in any way to write this.  This is coming from my heart because I feel like what they are trying to get started is awesome and important.)

Boy Story’s Kickstarter is launching tomorrow. They have developed what they are calling Action Dolls.

If you are a regular reader of my site, you know I have never come to you with something like this.  But I really think y’all need the chance to get in on this on the ground level and also get a great deal on these dolls.

Here is what they look like:

And this is one of the myriad of things that make them different:


They are







Basically our sons need these.

If I had not been sold on them at first look, after talking to the sisters that are trying to get this company off the ground I would have been. Katie and Kristen (neither of which I have a prior relationship with) are beyond passionate about this project.  They believe in what they are doing. This Pappy does too.

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Tomorrow at 11am their Kickstarter will go live and I will post a link to it.

I really hope that you will want to get involved with Boy Story in some way. The creators deserve it.

But most of all, our sons deserve it.