My Little Girl

Man oh man.  I am strong willed and rediculously determined.  I always have been.  My Mom literally had a book called The Strong Willed Child that she often turned to when I was a little boy.

Asher came out of the womb mellow.  Of course he has that never ending four year old energy, but he is not the total tornado that Harper is.  I have heard that middle children are often over looked but I know in our family that won’t be an issue!

I think Harper and I are so close because we have so much in common at our cores.  Yes, she is only two, but if you were in the room with her for one second you would know that she is my mini me.

She has my stink eye. My suspicious nature.  My grumpiness.


But along with all of those “negatives” she has the ability to absolutely take over the world if that is what she wants to do.  She will never let anything stop her or get in her way.

That is why I encourage her spirit.  She is hard to deal with sometimes, like I am, but I know that her spunk is going to serve her so well when she is a grown up.  I don’t want to control her, I just want to help focus her.

She has me wrapped around her finger.  She is my baby.  My little girl.


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