Pappy’s Day Will Be Here Soon!


All I am saying is, these three better be getting me something AWESOME for Father’s Day! I am mostly kidding, but despite the fact I have an amazing wife who would never forget Father’s Day, I have an irrational fear that the day will come and it will be treated like every other.

I’ve been wondering why that is and actually getting a little frustrated with myself about it.  Why is recognition on some day that was probably created by Hallmark so important to me?  As I pondered it, I feel like it isn’t about me.

I am lucky.  I am told all the time that I am a great day and people around me are so supportive.  However, I get stressed about Father’s Day for OTHER Dads.  So many Fathers are parenting in a bubble.  No one notices how hard they work or they are constantly criticized. They are told by the media they are stupid and incompetent and many Dads want to be better, but they don’t feel like they can be.

 In years past I have made a point to feature Dads every day who are putting all they have into parenting.  I really wanted to do that this year, but with Bellamy’s arrival it just didn’t pan out.  But the fact that I ONLY think to do that around Father’s Day is lame as well.  I see myself as someone who Champions Fatherhood, yet I am not shining the spotlight on good Dads like I should be.

So pay attention to this space.  You will soon see the faces of men who are working hard to make the next generation happy, whole, and productive.

Thank God for good Daddies.


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