Something special from The Pappy and Macaroni Kid!

I always think it is exciting when I get to offer y’all a prize that I know your kiddos will be happy about, but the best part of this giveaway is the chance to introduce you to a site that those of you who are plugged into the Kid Scene in The Hampton Roads Area will probably be shocked that I didn’t know about.  Heck, I am questioning my Pappy Status since it was new to me. (By the way, although they are providing the prize, I have not been asked to say any of this!)



Macaroni Kid is your go to place to find out all the things there are for your kids to do in your area.

As a Stay-At-Home-Dad I love Summer.  Getting the kids out and about is central, though, to us not driving each other crazy!


It was started by two Moms (over a glass of wine nonetheless) and now hundreds of Communities are included. Click the first picture of above to go directly to the Williamsburg site.  Click the pouting kid to go right to the one for Virginia Beach.

I was looking over their Event Calendar and there is LITERALLY something every single day.

In addition to great content, Macaroni Kid is also setting us up with a super giveaway that you can hide away for a rainy day.  (See, they really want to make you a hero!)

I encourage you to enter to win a copy of Jungle Book 2 on DVD/Blue-Ray.  Just click the cover of the movie to go directly to the giveaway.

I hope you are having a great week Purposeful Kid lovers!  And thanks again to Macaroni Kid!


(Click picture to enter!)


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