Tony Thompson: Today’s Oral-B / Life of Dad #PowerofDad Pappy of the Day

People overuse the saying “saved the best for last” and I would never say one father is better than another, but there are certain Dads who have walked through a hotter fire than others.

Tony has certainly walked through the furnace and done so with a kid in each arm, one on his back, one on his shoulders, and other holding each hand!


In the words of his wife, Jenny:

Tony Thompson is a wonderful father of 5. He and I have fostered over 21 children, adopted 3 from foster care, and had 2 biological children. He has a 3 yr old son with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, and a 1 year old with Brain Cancer. He is an extraordinary dad that gives everything he has to God and his family.

Can we take a moment to read again that they have fostered TWENTY ONE CHILDREN! That is a dad of dads!

As Jenny also said, their one year old has Brain Cancer.  Take a moment and look at their page Prayers for Gideon.

Tony is so great, other people wanted to chime in to.

From Gail Sapp:

Anthony Thompson is an amazing father. I saw this just shortly after I met him. I’ve known him now for 5 years and watching him with his children, seeing the patience and love that he displays is a beautiful thing. These qualities he displays with all children, those he fostered, and the kids he serves at church. But what he has displayed in these last two months shows his faith in God is unwavering and stronger than ever! While his youngest is battling health issues, and Jenny needs to be with him, Tony holds his family together, caring for his two girls and oldest son (who has special needs!) while working. Through all of this Tony makes sure his children are at church every Sunday. He has no doubts about God’s love for him and his family and his children are strong in their faith because of it! I am proud to call him my friend and brother in christ!

From Connie Aaron:

It’s difficult to describe Tony in just a few words. Tony is the anchor for his family- he keeps things held down no matter what storm is on the horizon. He’s calm in the midst of chaos when it comes to child-rearing. Kids could be screaming and running through his house during group, and he calmly gets their attention to get them to settle down. Kids have his respect and so do parents. He’s an amazing father.

Thank you, Tony, for holding tight to your family!  You truly deserve to be PAPPY OF THE DAY!!





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