Patrick Rose: Today’s Oral-B / Life of Dad #PowerofDad Pappy of the Day

Bearded Dad.

Biker Dad.

Tattooed Dad.

Young Dad.

Single Dad.

Many people would stigmatize all the Dads listed above.  (That list could have been miles long.) Moms at the playground have been know to move their kids away from Dads like that. Don’t get offended if you aren’t like that, Mommy.  Just trust me…it happens.

Recently I was told by a bearded Dad that he was at a water park and actually had the police called, saying that a suspicious man was with a young child.  He had to deal with the humiliation of being taken aside by the cops and asked why he was there with HIS CHILD!

I’m sure our Pappy of the Day has had to deal with some looks.  But, according to his fiancee Melissa who submitted him for Pappy of the Day, he has excelled in the realm of Fatherhood.


So we salute him today! Here are Melissa’s words:

Pat’s been a single father (with the aid of a small, mighty, village) since our Kylie was about 7 months old. I won’t go into details, but tough times like he unfortunately encountered could significantly wreck and alter a person’s outlook on the future. He could have used the “victim” crutch. Could have had pity party after pity party. However, while he was avidly working to heal and carry on, he never once thought that Kylie taking the back burner was an option. He stepped up as a young, new father when most wouldn’t have been able to do the same as effectively as he has. He took care of himself and took care of Kylie. He moved on in love for Kylie. He now works 10 hour days Monday – Thursdays so that he can have his weekends and Fridays to spend with Kylie; while providing a better life for her and I. Never have I met a child that’s all encompassing naturally smart, funny, outgoing, and life loving. Pat’s love and hopes for Kylie shine bright through her growing personality. He is so proud of her. He revels in her hilarity. He is totally protective over her. Even to a stranger, he undoubtedly cherishes the five years worth of bouncing joy he’s been blessed with. I could go on and on about how awe inspiring the dynamics of their relationship is, but it would all sum up into two words – real love. This upcoming Father’s Day I just want to reiterate how proud I am of the father that my fiance is, and the man that he’s blossomed into through his positive outlook on fatherhood. Some homes are called broken, ours is beautifully blended.



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