Christopher Gardner: Today’s Oral-B / Life of Dad #PowerofDad Pappy of the Day

It is Monday and we are back with The Pappy of the Day! Wooohooo!!!


Today’s Pappy is Chris Gardner. Today is also his birthday, so a very special shout out to him!




The following is from his wife, Amanda.


Christopher Gardner is an amazing husband and wonderful father.  Not only does he work fulltime for the Navy, serve in our church, make time for his friends, and the 100 other things he has to do in a day, he always manages to make our kids and myself feel like we are the most important people in the world.  He cherishes every moment he has with us and showers us with his love.  Watching him play and laugh with our children brings the biggest smile to my face and melts my heart because I know we are truly blessed to have him in our lives.  I pray our son grows up to be just like his dad and that our daughter will marry a man who loves and spoils her as much as her daddy does.  We love him so much.  I am so honored that God chose Chris to be the love of my life and the wonderful father of our children.


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