Rod Phelps: Today’s Oral-B / Life of Dad #PowerofDad Pappy of the Day

Rod is my God-Father. Not in the mobster kind of way, although he would do anything for me, but in the second Dad super close kind of way.

Through everything that has gone on, Rod has been a rock. It hasn’t always been easy, but he has stood firm and always been someone everyone could depend on.

I’m honored to get to recognize him, because he deeply deserves it.




Here is what is son, Ben, had to say:


Rod Phelps is a great dad who is, and has always been, here for our family.

He is a gentle, compassionate, 6ft 3in, mountain of a gently compassionate man.
He puts the care of others before himself and would have it any other way.
Hands down, the best dad in my town.
We love you Rod!

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