DIY Marble Maze!

Here is my main man with the finished project….



We began with some random items from our Craft Closet.  Such as paper plates (used to make the funnels), paper towel and toilet paper tubes, scissors, tape, and stickers to decorate it all.

We borrowed the marbles from his KER PLUNK game.

I also grabbed a small pot from our cooking area, a cardboard box, and a beach bucket so that he could listen to the different sounds the marbles made when they were caught by the different containers.




After he placed his stickers on everything (today we used Star Wars and Mickey Mouse!), I simply followed his lead as to where on the wall he wanted to tape the different things.  Of course from time to time he wanted to put things up in such a way that a marble ended up hitting the floor! Thats ok!  It allowed me to go over some basics about cause and effect and gave him a chance to use his critical thinking skills to figure out where he needed to place things to get the marble to travel all the way to the floor where it ended its journey!  

He loved having the metal pot down there the most because he is a three year old boy and it made the most noise!

Here are a few more pictures to show you what we ended up with!  

Feel free to send pictures of your version to me at and I will include them in a future post!


DSCF4843 DSCF4845


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